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Clothes of the Common People 1580 - 1660   Stuart Peachey

Clothes of the Common People 1580 - 1660

112 страниц. 2011 год.
Men and women's costume throughout history is an area of great diversity, about which it is very misleading to try and make up simple rules. This extensively illustrated volume focuses on the clothes of common people in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. What can be shown where the evidence exists is what was owned, worn and constructed in certain cases. As well as providing a wealth of information on the style and material of clothes worn by men, women and children during this period, this book will also be an invaluable source for re-enactors. Stuart Peachey advises and guides those creating replica costumes, from using the correct materials for the role one is trying to represent, to dying, if appropriate, with the correct dyestuffs, to cutting an appropriate pattern, to assemblage and wear. By exploring the historical evidence available and practically applying it in order to construct accurate replicas of these garments, Peachey has not only created a well-researched...
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