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  Larry Slater

Successful Investing Advice

108 страниц. 2011 год.
"It seems to me that so much of what you and I read on investment tends to perpetuate our ignorance of finance, our unfounded hopes or unwarranted fears, our foolish prejudices and misconceptions. Most newspaper articles and almost all of the financial advertising we get appear to me to be aiming at supplying the demand of untutored investors for something they do not need and should not have instead of teaching them what they should be looking for. In this and subsequent letters I am going to try to unmask those hopes, fears, prejudices and misconceptions; and leave you a clear perspective of the real problems which confront you as an investor a?? as a manager of money." Successful Investment Advice is a series of letters from a successful investor to his son who has advanced far enough in his profession to have some money to invest a?? unsuccessfully. The twenty one letters are divided into four series. Series I, "What Constitutes Investment Management," pictures the problems...
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