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  Wayne G. Johnson

Whitey - From Farm Kid to Flying Tiger to Attorney

220 страниц. 2011 год.
Whitey - from Farm Kid to Flying Tiger to Attorney is the story of ''Farm Kid'' Wayne (Whitey) Johnson. Describing the conditions under which his large family lived and survived during the Great Depression, Johnson says ''We were poor but didn t know it.'' Johnson enlisted in the Army Air Corps the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Trained as a fighter pilot, Wayne was sent to China to join the Flying Tigers. He was stationed in China where, in an early taste of combat, Johnson participated in the first fighter strike against the Japanese airdomes near Shanghai. After the war, Johnson finished college and went on to law school, becoming a successful attorney - and set the record as the longest-serving City Attorney in the United States - while flying well into his eighties. Johnson's story illuminates the indiscretions of youth against the backdrop of a rural family farm, and takes us through the journey of one man who has seen more in his life, so far, than most of us...
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