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Pathways to Self-Discovery: ...Inspired by Nature   Margaret L. Jackson

Pathways to Self-Discovery: ...Inspired by Nature

192 страниц. 2011 год.
The photography and accompanying script in this 130-page, full-color book is intended to aid, encourage and enhance your own spiritual quest, thereby bringing a deepened sense of wonder and insight that will bring added fulfillment to your life. In opening the book to any two-page spread, you will find that it becomes a meditation within itself. The photographs draw one into the nature theme, and the inspirational words complete the meditative process. This book may be used as a short daily meditation guide, as there are 53 individual contemplations from which to choose. As one of my testimonials stated: "As I read a page each morning, what I see and feel has a very deep impact on me." Target audience: anyone who may be ill or nearing the end of their life; any sincere seeker who is desiring to enhance their spiritual experience.
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