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Business Plan In a Day   Rhonda Abrams and Guy Clapperton

Business Plan In a Day

190x230 194 страниц. 2008 год.
Capstone Publishing Ltd
Maybe a potential investor has asked to see your plan by Tuesday. Perhaps you need a business plan to present at an upcoming staff meeting. Possibly you just want to get your business off the ground as quicldy as possible. BUSINESS PLAN IN A DAY was created for busy people like you. This book delivers the critical, time-tested information and tools you need to develop a well-constructed and effective plan-quickly and efficiently. BUSINESS PLAN IN A DAY was designed to help you successfully achieve your goal. It's for people who need a business plan to: Seek financing from a bank or other lender Approach investors, such as angel investors or venture capitalists Create a new business Expand an existing business Report to management on department or team plans Set goals with, inform, and motivate team members or employees Enter a business plan competition or complete a college business plan project ...
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