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  Joyce Chipperfield

The Strength of a Promise

328 страниц. 2011 год.
The sequel to The Strength of a Kiss, The Strength of a Promise begins in May 1967, when 17 year old Lauren's life changes forever. Her love for 25 year old David, who is married with a baby daughter, threatens to destroy everything she has ever known; splitting their families down the middle. They live in a small village community, and when David's mother-in-law discovers their affair, Lauren's sister and guardian has no choice but to forbid their relationship. To condone it would ruin Lauren's reputation; even though David's marriage is virtually over. During the next 18 months Lauren is forced to grow up in the cruelest possible way. Moving to Cambridge city with a friend, and estranged from her family, she attempts to put her life back together, while her sister Kay seizes every opportunity to drive Lauren and David further apart; finally betraying them unforgivably. When David is brutally attacked and left for dead, Lauren rushes home to be by his bedside, but soon...
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