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Poppy: A Story of Courage, Determination and Faith   Dr. Horace L. Stewart

Poppy: A Story of Courage, Determination and Faith

116 страниц. 2011 год.
Poppy:A Story of Courage, Determination sand FaithByDr. Horace L. StewartCourage plus Determination plus Faith equals Dreams RealizedHave you ever wanted something and all the cards seemed to be stacked against you? What if you were born at the wrong time, the wrong color, and on the wrong side of the tracks? But something inside of you knew you were destined for more than an average life. You wanted a life for yourself and your family that would positively impact generations to come. So you set aside fear and apprehension and courageously move toward your dream. With sheer determination you start out. No matter how difficult or humbling the tasks you won t give up, even though the circumstances dictate that you should. Now you are off and running so you think but the next step runs you smack into a wall. Everything you worked for and dreamed of slips through your fingers. To add insult to injury; a series of events caused by your choices inadvertently leads to the death of your...
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