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  Dr. Gramps

Dancing with Butterflies: A Breathtaking Unforgettable Journey

188 страниц. 2011 год.
DR. GLENN COOK'S life as a counselor has been spent studying human behavior from the perspective that every one's life is a "work in progress". He has discovered that people relax and open their hearts when asked to share their hopes and dreams with him. As they did he has helped them to see they were writing their life story on their hearts. Their life stories are dreams and hopes rooted in deep emotions. Emotional pain is the result of something interfering with the story. Understanding this Dr. Cook developed a unique approach to treating dysfunctional behavior. The client was challenged to lower their defenses and look at what part of their story had been disrupted; and with an open mind and heart they would be able to commit to a process that would bring about resolution. With a natural talent to think in story fashion and using it in counseling, it was a natural seque to create stories to tell his grandchildren. Whenever he visited them the first thing they wanted was for...
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