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  Michael Angelo Sippo

Drifting Seasons

172 страниц. 2011 год.
Drifting Seasons is a poetry collection of sonnets, short stories, and two epics that capture the emotional, growing experiences we encounter in the various stages of life. Inspired by personal experiences and events, the author reflects his feelings through the stories of a memorable cast of chivalrous knights and young couples. Through different rhyming patterns and themes, the author gives his characters unique personalities and different perspectives of their situations. Accompany heroes and heroines through quests of trials, triumphs, and self transformations while following young couples as they meet their first love and search for their true soul mate. Though the author has written these stories, he invites the readers to take their own personal journey by embedding themselves within each character and experience each story through their own emotions and experiences. Each story can be shared with family and friends of all ages to relive past feelings, reflect on present...
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