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  Louise Ford

Weezie: A Palm Beach Story

200 страниц. 2011 год.
"...a fast-paced autobiography that reads like a novel and makes you wonder how this spunky author manages to maintain her energy and positive outlook....There is no self-pity in Louise's writing but we learn the importance of self-reliance, loyal friends and a good lawyer. If you are from a family that never talks about money, learn from Weezie: A Palm Beach Story and start talking before it's too late." -Pamela Goldsack, Surrey, England Growing up, Louise Ford had everything. An only child of middle-aged, wealthy parents, she travelled extensively throughout her childhood. They literally took her everywhere with them-even taking her out of school each winter until she was twelve to ski for two months of the year. Her engineer father had retired in his fifties to spend 40 years sailing and hunting, pursuits in which he trained his daughter to be something of an expert and tomboy. Louise dealt with the shock of her life when her mother died. But she was ill-prepared when,...
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