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  Dr. David L Galbut M.D.

My Father's Final Journey: A Heart Surgeon's Memoir

128 страниц. 2011 год.
DAVID L. GALBUT, M.D. As a cardiac surgeon, I face critical illness on a daily basis, most often with the opportunity to heal. In October 2005, my father, a patriarch of one of Miami ’s oldest and most prominent families, was diagnosed with advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer. Despite my credentials as a published and internationally renowned physician, I painfully acknowledged my inability to cure my father and focused upon my role as his medical advocate and loving son. My Father’s Final Journey: A Heart Surgeon’s Memoir is illustrated through vivid scenes that present my father’s courage in battling illness and the grandeur of his life as a husband, father, Navy Captain, attorney, philanthropist, and community leader. Interwoven within the narrative are carefully placed passages that depict defining moments of my father’s role in my life. Along the way, I consider whether there is such a thing as a good death, I offer readers a glimpse into the ecstasy and agony of my...
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