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  Bobby J Keaton

The Closet Monster

48 страниц. 2011 год.
Over the years there have been many books written for children about what they face growing up in the world. Many are colorful and wellspoken and capture the true experience each child must be feeling as they grow older. B.J. Keaton has written such a book based on experiences shared through teaching and coaching. Over the past 28 years, he has coached soccer, baseball, volleyball, t-ball and bodybuilding. From this knowledge he has spent the last 10 years writing this book based on experiences the kids have shared with him. It is his intention to continue coaching and giving his time unconditionally to help students, athletes and children of all ages. The illustrations in this book are another example of the relationships that B.J. developed with his students over the years. Frank Wisniewski and Angela Hogarty were two of B.J.'s students that share his enthusiasm for bringing words to life...and what a phenomenal job they have done!
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