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  James Major

The Seal of Joseph

204 страниц. 2011 год.
It was used by Joseph, Wazir of Egypt, who served Pharaoh during the great famine of the Sixteenth Dynasty. This is the story of an ancient artifact that has a history that can be traced back through the Cohen family genealogies to Aaron, brother of Moses. Marta Cohen, who inherits the responsibility as guardian, wants to translate its intriguing inscriptions, but it is stolen. Now she must try to retrieve it so she can complete her objective. A number of questions arise: Who stole this precious artifact and where is it? Why should it come to light now after being hidden for all these centuries? What is its significance today and how does prophecy play a part? What is to become of this very valuable artifact? How will the Nation of Israel become affected by The Seal of Joseph?
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