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  Brian K. Crawford

Peyote: A True Account of the Search for the Magic Cactus

64 страниц. 2011 год.
Brian Crawford was a twenty-year-old hippie, hitch-hiking around the country from the East Village to Haight-Ashbury and various hippie communes and centers in between, sampling every psychedelic experience he could find. One day in Boulder, Colorado, he met a mysterious stranger with something new a?? peyote, the magic cactus. With his girlfriend Elissa, the bizarre and paranoid Mike just returned from Vietnam, Sara the seductress, and fellow travelers Sean and Chris, he set off in a red 1947 Cadillac ambulance in an odyssey through the southwest in search of the places where peyote was rumored to grow. They found what they were looking for, and more. Busted by Immigration, he and Mike spent a week in a small town jail and met and educated some of the local kids who had only read about the hippie phenomenon. After his release, he joined a hippie commune in Fort Worth. In the process, he learned as much about himself as the strange world of the psychedelic cactus.
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