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  The Forysteks'

Wild Workout Powerflex: Bring Out the Animal in You

48 страниц. 2011 год.
ALL NATURAL, ALL HEALTHY, ALL RAW POWER JUST LIKE THE ANIMALS! Go Green! No weights, no dumbbells, no bars, no bands, no machines or pulleys, and no pills! You can have muscles that are ripped, shredded, and defined with stand out strength. The Wild Workout® delivers the ultimate in physical fitness, dynamic good health, and a perfectly sculpted body! Wild Workout® will shape and build every muscle in your body with health and energy requiring no weights, no gym, and no special equipment of any kind! Your search for a course that is the real deal is over because Wild Workout® is it. In Wild Workout® Powerflex® The Forysteks' teach the exact exercises and techniques they personally use to be the amazing specimens and champions you see pictured throughout the exercises in this health and fitness workout manual. You never again have to experience another boring workout that simply burns you out and produces no results! Instead, you'll learn how to use and maximize...
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