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  L.T. "Cashmere" Myers

Destiny's Heart

256 страниц. 2011 год.
Through pain comes pleasure... From the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend Richard, the constant drama from her so called "best friend" Ebony and the recent lost of her parents - Destiny Shaw needed a drastic change in her life. Subsequently, she decide to move from California to Atlanta, Ga. With her new found peace, she soon discovers that all the pain and drama from her past is just that...the past. From forbidden pleasure come consequences... New life, New beginnings...drama free...or is it? After running into Richard's younger but more handsome brother Josh, Destiny finds the good qualities in him, that she missed so dearly in Richard. However, there are just some pleasures of life that are forbidden. She soon finds herself wedged deeper in a love triangle that she could ever imagine. However, the head-strong woman that she is, manages to control any issue that is thrown at her, until secrets from her past comes back to haunt her... Lies, betrayal and scandal...
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