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  Miss NKP

Careful What You Wish For

296 страниц. 2011 год.
Sedate her and section her, and make it quick. Lauren, I'm afraid you don't have any children... Lauren Miller, a 28-year old single mother of three, watches her world crumble around her after witnessing her six-year old daughter walk past her in the mall, holding the hand of a strange, intimidating man. Oddly, nobody else - her mother, the children's father, and eventually her psychiatrist - believes that Lauren's three children ever existed in the first place, and Lauren can find no proof whatsoever of their existence. What begins as a search to find Georgia, 6, George, 4, and baby Gabby turns into Lauren's journey of self-discovery as she relives her problematic past, including the loveless relationship with her children's father and her sometimes violent and often unhappy childhood. Did her cruel mother's lack of love cause Lauren to have deep-rooted psychological issues, or could she have arranged her grandchildren's kidnapping to spite Lauren? Did the eerie, sadistic...
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