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  Neil L. Hawkins

Assassin's Time out of Time

260 страниц. 2011 год.
In Assassin's Time out of Time, the sixth sequel to the Book in the Loft series, time travel once again becomes reality for Neil MacBruce and the crew of the starship Explorer, and they experience firsthand what no one understands. An action that took place in the future is about to be undone by an action taking place in the past of that future, which could very well cause the present as well as the future to cease to exist or branch off into different and possibly undesirable timelines. How that is possible is something those in the present can only visualize, but it is decided that the events that occurred in the past of their future must not be tampered with. Just as tampering with events in the past of the present can alter the history of the present, tampering with events in the past of the future can alter the history of the future. And that, it is decided, has to be avoided at all costs. But there are those who either do not realize the end results of what they are about to do...
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