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  Lewis B. Grizzle

The Night Before Christmas - N Da Hood

44 страниц. 2011 год.
While the idea of Christmas is intertwined with tinsel, glitter and merriment, the reality for many is one of loneliness, depression and financial challenges. A time of year that should be celebrated as a joyous occasion often becomes stressful for many. Santa doesn't always come down the chimney and in many cases doesn't show up at all. This short, easy to read story provides a lighthearted look at the Christmas experience in the Black Community, through the eyes of a lower, middle-class Black family. It can however, be related to by many that experience the down-side of Christmas and the reality of their existence highlighted by the holiday season. Get insight and possible solutions to issues faced by families from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. See "The Night before Christmas" told by Clement Moore from a different prospective by reading "The Night before Christmas - N Da Hood".
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