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  Craig Main

Four Peaks: The Final Campaign

260 страниц. 2011 год.
As long as ruthless outlaws continued to run amok in the territory, Arizona would never be granted statehood-and statehood was something the citizens dearly longed for. The governor was under pressure from his constituents to do something. He promptly issued a mandate: Clean out the last big stronghold of outlaws that were presently terrorizing the citizens of the Arizona Territory. He didn't care how it got done-as long as it got done, and the sooner the better. He assigned his top aide, Mr. Henry Watts, to put his directive into action. The question on everyone's mind: Was anyone truly capable of carrying out the mission? The governor's man didn't have to think twice about what agency he needed to call-the Arizona Rangers. He would also ask for assistance from all other law enforcement agencies as well. Every sheriff and town marshal would be called to assist. If they could not come, they would be required to send a deputy from their department. Butch Kantrell, the leader of a...
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