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  Ram Gulrajani

Legally Lucky

136 страниц. 2011 год.
This is a moral tale about chasing your dream, but not letting your dream lead your life. In this story, Raj Adwani, who is born in Gibraltar from a mixed marriage, has great hopes for moving to the UK and becoming a professional footballer. However, when he sustains an injury whilst playing football and his football career comes to an abrupt end, his hopes and dreams begin to fade until one day he discovers that against all odds, he has won all 3 national and international lotteries, with a combined jackpot of ?98 million. Unfortunately, unwelcome press coverage wrecks his family's life and his dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Raj, along with two friends, endeavours to prove his innocence and clear himself of corruption charges. From innocence and hope to realisation and delight, only to be marred by suspicion, accusations and violence as everything unfolds in a courtroom drama.
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