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Interpretations of Poetry and Religion (Classic Reprint)   George Santayana

Interpretations of Poetry and Religion (Classic Reprint)

132 страниц. 2011 год.
PREFACEThe following volume is composed of a number of papers mitten at various times and already partially printed 5 they are now revised and gathered together in the hope that they may lead the reader, from somewhat different points of approach, to a single idea. This idea is that religion and poetry are idontical in essence, and differ merely in the way in which they are attached to practical affairs. Poetry ia called religion when it intervenes in life, and religion, when it merely supervenes upon life, is seen to be nothing but poetry.It would naturally follow from this conception that religious doctrines would do well to withdraw their pretension to be dealing with matters of fact. That pretension iB not only the source of the conflicts of roligion with science and of the vain and bitter controversies of sects j it is also the cause of the impurity and incoherence of religion in the soul, when it seeks its sanctions in the sphere of reality, and forgets that its proper...
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