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  Aubrey J. Sher

The Borscht Belt: Its Birth, Its Life, Its Demise

504 страниц. 2011 год.
The Borscht Belt: Its Birth, Its Life, Its Demise is a complete up-to-date story of the Borscht Belt, that section of New York State's Sullivan County that at one time served as the promised land, the vacation mecca, for thousands of individuals and families who wanted desperately to escape the sweltering heat of New York City and its suburbs. The story in told from three perspectives, that from a native, from a hotel worker, and that from a hotel guest. The author, Aubrey J. Sher, represents all three perspectives. The book is replete with more than 100 cartoons, photographs, and illustrations, many of which will cause the reader to chuckle while at the same time they serve to highlight the salient aspects of the Borscht Belt's way of life from its beginning to its unfortunate end. The readers' tour guide is the author who will lead you on grand tours through the typical Catskill Mountain hotel, the typical rooming house, and the typical Borscht Belt town. Visit the two mega...
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