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How Historians Work: Retelling the Past-From the Civil War to the Wider World

296 страниц. 2011 год.
History does not simply happen. Most often it is the result of years of graduate training, assiduous research, and careful writing. Without historians we would be ignorant of our history. Yet, far too often we focus on the final product and ignore the dedicated men and women who have dedicated their lives to producing the books. So how do historians work? The answer, as revealed in the pages of this exciting new anthology, is as varied as the historians themselves. The editors have interviewed some of the nation's most highly respected practitioners to determine their approach to teaching, research, and writing. While no two of them work the same way, they all share the conviction that the study of history is vital to mankind's sense of itself. They value rigorous training and conscientious professionalism. Both aspiring and professional historians will delight in learning how historians do their work, define their craft, and work their magic.
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