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  K. Angello-Mayfield

The Visionary - Part 3: The Evolution of Alexander Benson

680 страниц. 2011 год.
As Michael falls to the ground and hears Tad's press-run, Taodore turns to open the door to face the facility and his fate. But the one thing the facility has never paid attention to is Taodore Bentley. As he opens the door, will his beast have the strength to get him free? Will Alexander be able to get himself and Michael away? Will Tad be ready when Weaver arrives, or will the facility capture all of them? As Taodore is weakened by his attempts to escape, the thought he clings to is his hope his friends got away - but did they? As the series continues you will learn how strong Alexander Benson is in his devotion to his best friends and the sacrifices both he and Taodore make in order to keep Michael safe. As Taodore decides to give up, he is surprised as he learns during his struggle to get away that he is more important to the facility then he was lead to believe. All of the control, deceit, and lies are revealed as Alexander Benson sacrifices everything he knows, and gives...
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