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  Caz Dawny

For the Love of Perc

104 страниц. 2011 год.
When I lost my dearest youngest son, I, like thousands of others who suffer a great loss of a loved one or a very dear friend, would wonder, do they live on, or is this the end? Convinced it was the latter - I was dying. Then in some of my blackest days, he'd come to cheer, pulling me for brief moments out of the darkness - with such unbelievable happenings - happenings I could never ever explain. This is a record of my own personal experiences. Though I never aspired to be a writer, these events just had to be jotted down and kept. Feeling so honoured and humbled by all this amazing help I'd received, I purchased a computer and with great joy compiled this book. I'd like to think my journal might give some help or comfort to others in a similar situation.
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