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Cure Aches and Pains Through Osteopathy   Dr. Krishna Murari Modi

Cure Aches and Pains Through Osteopathy

136 страниц. 1989 год.
Health Farming Publications
If you have slipped while climbing the stairs and sprained your ankle, or developed a severe backache while lifting a heavy object from the ground or sprained your neck due to an odd position while asleep, all these can be cured by osteopathic manipulative treatment. Our present day fast tempo of living, resulting in mental tensions can produce certain muscle spasms of the body, this in turn can alter the bony structure causing us pain. A defective posture, wrong way of sitting or walking, sleeping on a very soft bed can cause ailments. Cure for them lies in the hands of trained osteopaths. Millions of rupees can be saved in terms of working hours lost, due to pains and aches, by a proper utilisation of osteopathy. Those suffering Sciatica, slip disc, Brachial neuralgia, Lumbago, Migraine or even Dysmennorhea can be given instantaneous relief by manipulating the spine.
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