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Аccomplishments in Cancer Research 1979  

Аccomplishments in Cancer Research 1979

155x230 160 страниц. 1979 год.
J. B. Lippincott Company
The innovative leadership and generous support of Thomas A. Murphy, Roger B. Smith, and the General Motors Board of Directors are gratefully acknowledged. We appreciate the enthusiastic help of the large number of General Motors employees whose volunteered services made the activities recorded here possible. The response of the medical and scientific communities to the General Motors Cancer Research Prizes has been most gratifying. The scholarly detail with which nominations were prepared and submitted made the committees' tasks less onerous. Above all, we are most grateful to the members of the Awards Assembly, Selection Committees, and their consultants for the splendid work and wise choices carried out in the best tradition of scientific objectivity. All of us shared in the excitement of being part of something new and important.
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