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Accident First Aid   V. V. Yudenich

Accident First Aid

125x200 80 страниц. 1989 год.
Мир, Медицина
A person's life and work are closely linked with his environment. The development of industry and transport, mechanization of agriculture, and general acceleration of life's tempos often create conditions for injuries of various kinds. In spite of sensible measures aimed at industrial safety and the development of safety devices and techniques, the frequency of accidents is still high in industry, and especially in everyday life. The character of injuries, and the way they are inflicted vary greatly. They often call for immediate first aid because they are attended with grave complications and can be fatal. It is therefore necessary to render the victim aid as soon as possible on the spot, and send him for treatment to an institution that has facilities for rendering qualified medical aid, and where necessary surgical treatment. The life of a person who has sustained grave injuries, and the outcome of further treatment, often depend on prompt proper first aid. Knowledge...
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