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Failures And Success In Fixed Partial Dentures   Poonam Malik and Manu Rathee

Failures And Success In Fixed Partial Dentures

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The time, complexity and expense of fixed prosthetic treatments can be justified only if the restorations last for a long time. Designing bridges is neither a precise science nor a creative art. It needs knowledge, experience and judgment, which take years to accumulate. So it is not surprising that some designs of bridge, even through well intentioned and conscientiously executed, fail. Though there are many advances in techniques and materials used for fixed partial dentures constructions, failures do occur. Fixed prosthodontic failures can be frustrating and complex in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Great satisfaction can be achieved in meeting a situation and solving it in an effective and economical manner. This work is intended to provide an overview of the various types and reasons of failures and their treatment of fixed partial dentures
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