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Apexification-Techniques and Trends   SUDHINDRA BALIGA and Vidya Baliga

Apexification-Techniques and Trends

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Traumatic injuries to the teeth constitute an important part of clinical odontology. It has been claimed that the volume represented by dental trauma and its sequelae within the anticipated future will probably exceed dental caries and periodontal disease2. Dental trauma carries with it the potential for profound and far-reaching consequences, both for the child and the patient.Dental injuries are common in childhood especially in the peaks relating to the first instance of toddler’s stage infant mobility, and later to increasing adventurous games and activities. For many years, patients with teeth that were incompletely developed or had open apices with pulpal or periradicular involvement offered dentists a more difficult situation to treat. These patients were usually young and suffered trauma only shortly after the injured teeth had erupted causing pain to the child, mental anguish to the parents and a perplexing problem to the dentist.The open apex case occurs when trauma or...
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