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Adhesives in Dentistry (Panavia 21)   Aqsa Bano Raja

Adhesives in Dentistry (Panavia 21)

56 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The adhesives that are used in engineering applications firstly the adhesive is in the form of a liquid monomer and it polymerizes to give a high molecular weight polymeric adhesive. The load- carrying ability of joint is also checked that how long will it actually last, and all this are affected by(a) design of the joint,(B)the way the load is applied onto it(C) the environment in which the joint encounters/ come across in its service life. The main investigation is to determine the properties of a specific adhesive which is a dental adhesive and it is a self adhesive. The project is based on to determine the properties of one of the latest dental adhesive i.e. Panavia 21 and to measure its fracture toughness and the microscopic view of the adhesive to understand more of its properties and its mode of failure. It has also been seen that the fracture toughness of Panavia 21 has not been researched before, and during the investigation many interesting ...
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