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Gutta Percha In Dentistry   Gautam Singh,Neha Gupta Singh and Ritu Gupta

Gutta Percha In Dentistry

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gutta Percha is being used in dentistry, especially in the field of endodontics for a very long time with lot of clinical success. This text book describes the manufacturing of the product, its physical and chemical nature and its various forms, used in root canal treatment. Recent manufacturing modifications have taken this material a step further and has made it a material of choice for endodontists till a better replacement is found in the future. This text book will help dental undergraduates and post graduates understand the material better to work more efficiently with it. This text also highlights the various techniques and equipment used for obturating root canal systems with the help of Gutta Percha as a root canal filling material.This material has shown excellent clinical success and more we understand its properties the better handling can drastically improve the success rate of the treatment done. This is nature's gift to endodontists and is here to stay.
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