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Assessment of Sagittal Relationship between Maxilla and Mandible   Jigar Doshi,Kalyani Trivedi and Tarulatha Shyagali

Assessment of Sagittal Relationship between Maxilla and Mandible

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Perusal of the literature reveals that,Uptill now various methods of assessing the Sagittal jaw base relationship have been formulated. Earlier the skeletal pattern may be analyzed clinically by an overall profile view of the patient and by palpation of the anterior surfaces of the basal part of the jaws with the teeth in occlusion. After the introduction of the Cephalometrics, various angular and linear parameters were studied and documented, but none so far can be universally used with authenticity. Therefore the proposed study was designed to analyze the parameters using different planes and angles for their clinical applicability. It was also intended to find out more useful diagnostic adjunct to the orthodontist for measuring antero-posterior jaw relationship using a parameter that is discernible and reliable.
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