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Candida Albicans and Complete Dentures - Mystery Unravelled...   Amit Dua,K.R. Kashinath and Mahima Dua

Candida Albicans and Complete Dentures - Mystery Unravelled...

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
‘Oral cavity of humans is, but a reservoir of micro- organisms….'' Candida albicans and related species are the most common fungal opportunistic pathogens. In the oral cavity this microorganism is found more on the dorsum of the tongue and the buccal mucosa. These organisms are widely known to cause oral candidosis and denture stomatitis. Failure to maintain adequate hygiene of the prosthesis has been shown to be associated with a high level of oral Candida colonization, with surface roughness of prosthesis providing niches in which the micro-organisms are protected from shear forces and oral hygiene measures, thus, allowing the entrapped microbial cells enough time to attach irreversibly and penetrate into the prosthesis surface. This book evaluates the in-vitro adherence and penetration by Candida albicans into three different denture base materials and consequently might aid in decreasing the occurrence of oral Candida associated denture stomatitis in denture...
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