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Immunofluorescence in mucocutaneous disorders   Harkanwal Preet Singh

Immunofluorescence in mucocutaneous disorders

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last decade there have been revolutionary researches in the field of diagnosis and treatment of patients but still there is ambiguity among pathologists, dermatologists, clinicians in diagnosing certain disorders. A diagnosis based solely on clinical or histological findings may not be accurate. So, immunofluorescence is required to make the certain diagnosis. During the last four decades, innovations in this field have revolutionized the concepts about the pathogenesis, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of several disorders. Hence, out of various diagnostic techniques, immunofluorescence is considered as a gold standard test for diagnosing some of mucocutaneous diseases. So, this book provides a guide and a new metric of success for dermatologists, pathologists, clinicians and researchers in routine practice to provide better health care facilities. we have attempted to provide a comprehensive reference guide to a all recognized dermatologic diseases with oral...
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