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Subgingival irrigation of tea tree oil in chronic periodontitis   Anupama Rao,Amitha Ramesh and Biju Thomas

Subgingival irrigation of tea tree oil in chronic periodontitis

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The most important goal of periodontal therapy is to reduce or eliminate subgingival microorganisms associated with periodontal disease and to maintain periodontal health. Current treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis is directed at disruption of plaque maturation and /or reduction of bacterial load, which usually includes professional and homecare mechanical methods for removal of plaque. Irrigation at chair side with an antimicrobial agent gained favour with understanding that mechanical debridement of deep pockets is often incomplete. The rationale for adding irrigation with an antimicrobial agent at chair side after scaling and root planing is based on the assumption that bacteria left behind during mechanical debridement could be eradicated by an antimicrobial solution applied into the pocket and a better outcome could be achieved. The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of periodic sub gingival irrigation of Tea Tree Oil and Chlorhexidine...
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