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Embrasure Morphology and Central Papilla Recession   Divya Saxena,Anoop Kapoor and Ranjan Malhotra

Embrasure Morphology and Central Papilla Recession

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Esthetic or cosmetic dentistry has become one of the main areas of dental practice emphasis and growth for several years. But when we talk about dental esthetics, it is not just a finite point, rather a ‘broader zone’, referred as ‘esthetic zone’ for any individual, comprising of teeth, gingiva and lips. The presence of interdental papilla, especially in the area of maxillary central incisors, is considered as a key esthetic factor in the smile of any individual. Through this book, the author aims to draw the attention of both dental clinicians as well as patients towards the effect of various determinants of embrasure morphology, especially the distance from bone crest to contact point, on the presence or absence of interproximal dental papilla in area of maxillary central incisors. When applied to therapeutics, a careful consideration of these morphologic factors will act as a useful guide to resolve the black triangle dilemma and to increase the predictability of interdental...
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