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Temporomandibular Joint, its disorders and management   Lakshmanarao Bathala,Murali Mohan Thota and Parul Singhal

Temporomandibular Joint, its disorders and management

152 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The masticatory system is a functional unit of the body primarily responsible for chewing, speaking and swallowing. The system is made up of with bones, joints, ligaments, teeth and muscles. The masticatory system is a complex and highly refined unit.The area where the cranio-mandibular articulation occurs is called the temporomandibular joint. It provides for hinging movement in one plane and is therefore called as ginglymoid joint. However at the same time it also provides for gliding movement which classified it as arthroidal joint. Thus, it is technically considered as ginglymoarthroidal joint.Temporomandibular disorders are Conditions producing abnormal, incomplete, or impaired function of the temporomandibular joint(s). A bunch of symptoms frequently observed in various combinations which includes headache in the vertex and occipital region, tinnitus, pain in the ear, impaired hearing and pain in the tongue—acronym TMD.Number of treatments for T.M. joint disorders have been...
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