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Osseointegration:immediate And Delayed Loading Of Implants   Mayank Shah

Osseointegration:immediate And Delayed Loading Of Implants

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Continued high success rate achieved with osseointegrated dental implants is the appropriate result of changes in traditional prosthetic restorations.It is now said that an implant is regarded as osseointegrated when there is no progressive relative movement between the implant and the bone with which it has direct contact.The success of the implant depends upon its osseointegration with the surrounding bone.Delayed loading is a two-stage procedure with submerged implant-loading after 3-6 months of initial healing and is more critical for lesser bone densities because they are several times weaker than those with significant cortical bone.During the last 20 years authors have reported that root form implants may osseointegrate, even though they extend above the bone and through the soft tissues during early bone remodeling.Immediate loading not only includes a non submerged one stage surgery but actually loads the implant with the provisional restoration at the same appointment.This...
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