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Caries Diagnostic Aids   Challa Ramasubbareddy and Alahari Swetha

Caries Diagnostic Aids

212 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Why is DENTAL CARIES still pertinent today? How do we answer a mother who brings her 3-year-old child to the dentist and says, "Why does my child have cavities? I read that it was no longer a problem!" Dental caries remain a critical concern today and continues to be the most prevalent infectious disease in the world. The last century has provided tremendous advancements in the understanding and treatment of dental caries, yet the disease prevails as a world wide epidemic. Our understanding about this devastating disease has not been sufficient to eliminate it. Will parents stop kissing their children to control transmission of disease? Can we risk bacterial resistance to antibiotics if infants are placed on chronic antibiotic therapy to prevent bacterial colonization of teeth? Of course not.The first step to formulate a treatment protocol for dental caries is early and accurate diagnosis. This book will help dental professionals to have knowledge about various traditional as well as...
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