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Antimicrobials - A Panacea For Periodontal Therapy   Samir Anand,Preetinder Singh and Jyoti Bansal

Antimicrobials - A Panacea For Periodontal Therapy

492 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Destructive periodontal disease is a concern because of the potential damage to the dentition and the ?nancial burden of treatment. It is generally agreed that microorganisms residing in periodontal pockets are responsible for periodontitis, but uncertainty exists regarding the exact mechanisms of destruction.The value of administering antimicrobial agents as a quick and inexpensive means of augmenting mechanical periodontal debridement is worthy of consideration. Periodontitis patients may bene?t from systemic antibiotics, topical antibiotics and topical antiseptics. A debate is taking place about the utility of topical antibiotics in periodontal treatment. However, therapeutic success or failure depends not only on the intrinsic antimicrobial activity of chemotherapeutics but also on the clinical status of the patient, the presence of foreign material and the location of the infection. that may be di?cult to reach by topical therapy). This book highlights current...
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