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Effect of sodium flouride on ceramic restorations   Mohammed Alanesi and Mohammed Elkateb

Effect of sodium flouride on ceramic restorations

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Color is very important in aesthetics, characterizing and personalizing a smile. An esthetic treatment has been one of the most required dental treatments, coming just after pain treatments. Color stability of restorative materials is one of the main concerns, particularly when it is in the esthetic zone and must be used for extended periods of time. Maintenance of color throughout the functional lifetime of restorations is important for the durability of treatment. This characteristic is not constant among dental materials. Management strategy indicated in clinical studies in which almost complete caries prevention was achieved in irradiated patients includes meticulous oral hygiene, limitation of cariogenic foods remineralizing mouth rinse solutions, and artificial saliva preparations. Several studies have shown that irradiation-induced xerostomia in patients with cancer of the head and neck is associated with changes in the oral micro flora and a high risk for radiation-induced...
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