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Tooth Avulsion in Children - Parental Awareness   N.B. Nagaveni

Tooth Avulsion in Children - Parental Awareness

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Trauma to anterior teeth is a most commonly encountered dental problem in both children and adolescence. Tooth avulsion or knocked out tooth is a phenomenon where a tooth completely comes out of its socket due to trauma. It seems that an avulsed tooth is neglected during an injury as most of the parents are unaware of the management of tooth avulsion cases. Management and handling of avulsed tooth is a critical phase for the pfognosis of the same avulsed tooth which is reinserted into its original position or socket. It has been noticed that majority of truamatic injuries in children takes place either at home premises or playgrounds. Therefore, An awareness is highly essential about this dental problem and management among parents as they are caretakers of their children. This book overviews an knowledge of Indian parents regarding tooth avulsion.
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