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Lasers In Periodontics   Rakesh Mutha and Nitin Dani

Lasers In Periodontics

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dentistry has changed tremendously over the past decade to the benefit of both the clinician and the patient. Newer materials and technologies have improved the efficiency and predictability of treatment for clinicians. The newer treatment procedures are conservative, painless, more reliable and contribute towards better aesthetic outcomes. One technology that has become increasingly utilized in clinical dentistry is that of the laser. When used efficaciously lasers are an exceptional modality of treatment for many conditions that dentist or dental specialists treat on a daily basis. Clinicians, in this specialized area, seek to provide the highest calibre of care, while enhancing the aesthetics of smile. The future of dental lasers is bright, with some of the newest ongoing research addressing the use of dental lasers for guided tissue regeneration, connective tissue attachment and tissue welding. Dentistry has entered an exciting era of high technology with lasers offering the...
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