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Implant Loading Protocols   Akshey Sharma,Rajesh Bhanot and Swati Mittal

Implant Loading Protocols

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“We have the duty of formulating, of summarizing and of communicating our conclusions, in intelligible form, in recognition of the right of other free minds to utilize them in making their own decisions.” Ronald Fisher The book in your hands is an attempt in this difficult but rewarding path. This book is an original approach and is dedicated to the cause of inspiring the students for a major thrust in academics and research. The book includes extensive coverage of the topic and incorporates many real photographs, tables, bar graphs and line graphs that ensures easy understanding and grasp of the subject. Emphasis is laid upon the language which is simple and easy to understand. Bibliography is given at the end to enhance the in depth study of the subject. The book is framed to the best of our knowledge. Any loopholes, errors or missing information is regretted. I believe that the book will be highly beneficial to post- graduates, general practitioners and even under graduate students.
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