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Regenerative Periodontal Therapy   Sruthy Prathap,Shashikanth Hegde and Rajesh K. S.

Regenerative Periodontal Therapy

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The goal of periodontal therapy has been stated as providing a dentition that will function in health and comfort for life of the patient. This has led to the development of varied approaches to therapy to preserve or augment the periodontium in health, comfort, and function.In the recent years, periodontal therapy has been revolutionized by a new treatment modality aimed at regeneration of lost periodontal tissues. Regenerative periodontal surgeries comprise procedures which are specially designed to restore parts of the tooth’s supporting apparatus. Reconstructive modalities that appear to have merit and have demonstrated significant gain of clinical attachment and atleast partial resolution of an associated bone defect , include separately or in combination : surgical debridement with adjunctive root surface or wound conditioning, implantation of bone, bone derivatives and substitutes , placement of barrier membranes for guided tissue regeneration , use of platelet rich plasma, and...
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