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TNF-? and IL-6 after Surgical Removal of Impacted Lower Wisdom Tooth   Harith Qadawi,Atalla Rijab and Mahmoud Y.M. Taha

TNF-? and IL-6 after Surgical Removal of Impacted Lower Wisdom Tooth

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars (wisdom)tooth produces a significant degree of tissue trauma that causes an inflammatory reaction. The latter produces the usual postoperative signs and symptoms such as pain, facial oedema, and limited mouth opening due to muscle spasm (trismus). Cytokines are small secreted proteins which mediate and regulate immunity, inflammation, and hematopoietic. They are produced in response to an immune stimulus. They generally, although not always, act over short distances and short time spans and at very low concentration. This book describe alterations occur of IL-6, TNF-alpha as well as postoperative signs following two surgical techniques of removal of impacted lower third molar tooth.
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