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Growth in cleft lip and palate subjects   Zuber Ahamed Naqvi,Asim Ghouse Basha and Syeda Sarah Munawwar

Growth in cleft lip and palate subjects

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
About the book Unilateral and bilateral clefts of lip and palate are most common developmental abnormality in craniofacial region. Clefts of the palate occurring more commonly in females and clefts of the lip occur more commonly in males leading to a debilitated condition affecting the patients physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally causing a deep dent in his / her self confidence. Management of cleft lip and palate requires a team of professionals with surgical and orthodontic treatments being the largest role players. Craniofacial growth of cleft lip and palate patients has been found to differ from that of normal individuals and this could play a major part in the treatment needs and the treatment outcome. As sugery is required in management of cleft lip and palate patients but surgical scar later has adverse effects on growth. This research work was initiated to find out the effect of surgery on craniofacial growth by comparing operated and unoperated patients...
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