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Dental Practice Management   Sudhanshu Saxena,Sonia Tiwari and Sukhvinder Singh Oberoi

Dental Practice Management

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Practice of Dentistry has changed enormously over the years. Dentistry has become a business along with art and science. In order to prepare for successful practices in the years ahead, dental professionals have to learn from the successes and failures in the commercial world. Also, this is a time of exploding technology, both in the business office and in the clinical areas within the practice. The most important person in a dental practice is the patient. Every effort must be made to lessen patient’s discomfort. Each patient has a different background and different needs. No dental practice can be all things to all people. The most successful practices are those that first determine the type of patients they want to treat. Also, dentistry is a team oriented business. Teams are made up of individuals with diverse skills and talents. Dental offices that are committed to building a team can achieve results more effectively. It all begins with clarifying own vision and philosophy of...
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